I blame Mark Zuckerberg for the name of my photo blog. Well I shouldn’t actually blame him, but his brainchild Facebook is the reason that I call this photo blog Kev-Town.

It all goes back a few years. When I created my Facebook page they asked for my ‘hometown’. And to be honest with you… I don’t feel like I have one.

We all have a town where we were born. Mine is Chicago. We all have a place where we grew up. I actually have 2 of those; Quincy, IL and Virginia Beach, VA.

But what IS my hometown? Is it the town that I lived in the longest? That would be Akron, OH… but I lived there as an adult.

So…. to quote Marving Gaye; “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”. And that place…. is Kev-Town. Enjoy.